Dark Horizons Rock Times review Germany

“A wonderful album that can easily fit in with bands like Evanescence, Nightwish, Beyond The Black or Within Temptation.”

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Dark Horizons review Fireworks magazine

“This eponymous album is brilliant with many stand-out songs. It has fantastic production and arrangements with memorable vocals and harmonies. It has been a long time coming but it has been worth the wait. Lovers of Progressive Rock will like this a lot

Dark Horizons 5* review on Prog Archives

“This is a wonderful album”

“Such a sumptuous noise it really has to be heard to be appreciated. Words are simply not enough. This is music as experience wrought large.”

“If any artist releases an album as good as this in the remainder of 2021, it will have to be an all-time great. This is about as good as our genre gets.”

“Very highly recommended. A masterpiece of modern progressive rock.”

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Dark Horizons Review in Prog magazine

“Shimmering symphonies from a brand new collaboration”

“Led by KARNATAKA multi-instrumentalist Ian Jones and Caamora vocalist Agnieszka Swita, Illuminae pack a lustrous and dramatic punch”

Dark Horizons review on My Prog Music website

“an intense symphonic journey that gives goose bumps from the first chords”

“Dark Horizons’ has entered directly into my list of essential albums of 2021”

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5* review of Dark Horizons on Music in Belgium

“sublime instrumentation both symphonic and classical, bravo to Ian”

“Dark Horizons” is a true marvel from start to finish, demonstrating the excellent compositional capacity of Ian Jones but also the magnificent vocal capacities of Agnieszka Swita.”

“For me the best album to review since the beginning of the year! Great music!”

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Dark Horizons review on Oasis Enternainment

‘I fell in love with this ten track album from start to finish’

‘I highly recommend that you get a copy of this album and fall in love with it like I did’

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Dark Horizons review on Progmeister.com

“Production and recording quality are gold standard”

“it showcases Agnieszka’s voice perfectly”

“Luke Machin’s guitar style contrasts beautifully against the grand wizard of the Prog axe Steve Hackett who wields his might in his inevitable style adding just that something special to the proceedings.”

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Dark Horizons review on At The Barrier

“It’s the Jones/Swita combo of songwriting and dramatic arrangements that cause the chills that come with Dark Horizons.”

“No less an iconic figure than Steve Hackett plays on The Lighthouse.”

“The icing on the cake on Horizons sees Luke Machin playing what’s possibly the best solo I’ve heard from him.”

“Sweeps of ethereality add haunting or reflective moods and Troy Donockley puts in a shift leading on Lullaby. His pipes magically transforming into a searing lead guitar part.”

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Dark Horizons review on Musipedia of Metal

“An album that is bookended by the two emotionally powerful epics, Lighthouse and the title track, which have those swathes of melodic synths, David Gilmour-esque guitar solos, plenty of rhythmic shifts and a balance between darkness and light.”

“Two brilliant songwriters and an all star supporting cast make make Dark Horizons a brilliant progressive rock record that’s not just for fanboys like me! 9/10”

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