New album update

We recently finished a great week of recording drums with Craig Blundell for the new album. All the drums for the album are now finished, beautifully played by Craig and sounding superb. This gives us the best possible platform to build on the production.

If you’re interested in the recording process and technical side, Craig has been posting details of the sessions on his Facebook page:

“Day three of tracking the ILLUMINAE album, I promised to share a few things that I’m using in the studio for the gear geeks so today it’s the Kick. On the 22×20… @mapex Saturn V Tour I’m using a super kick 2 with Felt beaters, a ‘kicker’ inside which just touches both heads. Mic wise I’m using a Sennheiser e901 right up against the batter head for the attack, an e902 in a Kickport and a Neumann U87 about 4 inches away from the front. It sounds massive with loads of depth, warmth and clarity, perfect for this album..”

 “Today I’m putting the final touches to the brilliant ILLUMINAE album and for the geek gear heads as promised I’m doing some run downs on what I’m using. Today it’s the cymbals, both the overheads, ambient and rooms. The crash cymbals for this session are a mix of Paiste 602 modern essentials and Masters thins a mix of big sizes 20/22/24 etc I’m using two Neumann U87s as overheads facing ‘the room’ and set to omni which pick out all the warmth of the cymbals, at the front of the kit I’m using two Sennheiser 8040s which are picking up the brightness and attack and to the rear of the room a Sennheiser MK4 for kit ambience. (The ride is spotted with a 8040 and the hats have a Neumann TLM193) Mixed together they give a stunning Cymbal Sound which can be completely controlled to the amount of warmth, attack and ambience required.”